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I saw Radio Iodine on June 10, 1997 at the Ogden Theatre in Denver Colorado. I was there to see My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. I had assumed my usual opening band position (upstairs with a Rolling Rock) when who appeared on stage but Radio Iodine. I had never heard of them before that night... and when Thrill Kill took the stage I was ready for more Radio Iodine!

R A D I O    I O D I N E    I S :
Tony Persyn - Bass and Sequencing
Tom Bramer - Guitars
Ellen Bledsoe - Vocals
Greg Miller - Drums
Anna DiPiazza - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

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  t i n y   w a r n i n g s


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9 Days Wonder -- Garden of Black Roses
Before they were Radio Iodine, Ellen and Tony (and Tom and Anna and a drummer named Steve) were called 9 Days Wonder. They had to change their name when they were threatened with a lawsuit by another band named Nine Days Wonder. They were a lot more pop-oriented then, and although their sound had a techno edge, all of the songs had memorable melodies, and you got a lot better idea of Ellen's incredible range and power, from soft to screaming. Ellen did all of her own backing vocals, too, so all of the vocals are strong and clear. "Garden of Black Roses" is still sold in St. Louis at a few stores, but since it was a private issue, the only copies outside St. Louis are ones bought by people at their tour shows.


  t i n y   w a r n i n g s


Radio Iodine has broken up

"The Demos" disc sold at the final show on December 12th 1998 drove this home for me. It says "Radio Iodine was:" before it lists the names of the band members.

"The Demos" would have been Radio Iodine's 2nd full length release. These 7 new tracks span 30 minutes and make it even harder to believe that Radio Iodine "was"!

"These Boots Were Made for Walking"

The Demos

Special thanks to robby for my "autographed" copy of "The Demos"!


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